Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama
Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama

Southeastern #600

Meetings are held on all first 5th Mondays of every quarter at 7:00 PM, at Daleville Lodge in Daleville, AL.

Southeastern Council #600, A.M.D.

15 Spanky Rd
Daleville, AL 36322

For OFFICIAL Information, contact:

Recorder: Kelly McMichael
Address: 1771 Pates Rd
Slocomb, AL 36375
Phone/Fax: (334) 447-0474


Sovereign MasterRoss Jackson
Senior WardenAsh Whitehurst
Junior WardenKenneth Seanard
Treasurer/RecorderKelly McMichael
ChaplainTom Nesbit
Senior DeaconBrian Smith
Junior DeaconDavid Wyatt
TilerJason Whitehurst

Meeting Location
(Daleville Lodge #903)