Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama
Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama

Old Cahaba #339

Meetings are held on all 5th Wednesdays at 7:00 PM, at Air Force One Lodge in Montgomery, AL.

Old Cahaba Council #339, A.M.D.

2315 Cong. W.L. Dickinson Drive
Montgomery, AL 36109

For OFFICIAL Information, contact:

Recorder: Bobby Jordan
Address: 23 Spaniel Lane
Pike Road, AL 36064
Phone/Fax: (334) 207-9817


Sovereign MasterRonald G. Andress
Senior WardenJ. Michael Taylor
Junior WardenJohn W. Shipes
Treasurer/RecorderBobby Jordan
ChaplainRobert Moseson
Senior DeaconRoss Jackson
Junior DeaconJohn Shipes
TilerBrian Autrey

Past Sovereign Masters

Jerry Ogletree
Sterling Hughes
Robert Moseson
2014-2015Kelly McMichael
2015-2016Thomas Nesbit
2016-2017Sidney Cooley
2018-2019Rani Christie
2019-2020James McGee
2020-2021Kurt Eldgridge
2021-2022Mark Stillwell
* = Deceased

Meeting Location
(Air Force One Lodge #889)